Spread the Love NOW! Group Writing Project

December 21st, 2007

Spread the<br /> Love NOW!
As a brief foray from being a content-only website, I’m honored to team up with my two friends Wade and Albert, in a chance for all of our readers to make their voices heard regarding the ever-important topic of Compassion. Read on . . . =)

The Three Monks present ‘Spread the Love NOW!’

Christmas is a time for giving. It’s a time for love, and a time to spread some Christmas loving cheer. Read on to see how you can participate, have some fun and be in the run to win a prize value of ~US$50, along with some really beautiful stories shared.

All you have to do is to write something on compassion. It could be anything you want; for example, your definition of compassion. Still, in the spirit of Christmas, extra ‘points’ will be awarded if there is a personal touch – because we want to connect in compassion.

Some ideas could be what you have done or will do for someone. Or perhaps the best kindness anyone has ever shown you.


With thanks to The Now Watch, we’re able to give some Christmas gifts to the most compelling stories.
We have a total of 6 watches to give away, so the top 6 stories will each be sent a watch, as our thanks for sharing.

Why the Now Watch?

This is one of the most important lessons one could ever learn, one that we are glad is spreading across the planet. The vast majority of our unhappiness is caused by dwelling in the past, or trying to anticipate the future.

Most of our mental suffering is caused by thoughts such as:
The past: “I wish this never happened / they never did that.”
The future: “I hope that doesn’t happen.” “When I get this, then I will be at peace.”

This only causes us more pain, because the only time is Now. When the future gets here, it will be Now. The past only exists as memory. Being in the Now – that is the path towards the end of suffering.

This watch is a tool towards being in the Now – every time you check the time, you’ll realize that the present moment is all we have. And our painful mental habits begin to unravel.

The Rules of the Game

This is a joint effort by the Three Monks – Wade of The Middle Way, Kenton of kentonwhitman.com, and Albert of Urban Monk.Net.

The watches are kindly provided by the coolest timepiece company ever – The Now Watch.

To participate –

1) Write a post as described above. You’re encouraged, although not required, to link to all three of the judges.
2) Contact any one of us, either by emailing, or leaving a comment in one of the judge’s posts.
3) You’re encouraged also to spread the word, tag your friends, and ask them to participate.
4) On 5 January 2008, the three judges will look at all the entries, pick the winners, and publish a list, so we can all share the links and traffic.
5) The results will be posted on 10 January 2008 on all three judge’s blogs. Winners will be contacted for mailing address details so we can send the watches to you!


Spread the<br /> Love NOW!
Readers’ Words of Compassion:
A Story of Compassion and Dying, by Kris Vockler
Compassion For Others — A Lost Necessity, by Ben Lumley
Hey, That Rings A Bell, by Deb Estep
Compassion In The Teachings of Jesus, by Swami Nirmalananda
Compassion, by Jerry Summers
Compassion, Yes, But Temper It With Reason, by Shawn Williamson
Compassion, The Ultimate Act of Love, by Patricia Singleton
Compassion Begins With Myself, by Vitor Bosshard
Can’t He See? by John Torcello (Email submission, read in comments below)
A Sense of Equinity, by Rahul Walavalkar
The Last Thing I Wanted To Give, by Waters
A Day of Reflection and Renewel in Self Compassion, by Stephen Hopson
A Question of Faith, by Janice Brown 
Can A Fragmented Mind Know Compassion?, by Takuin Minamoto 

26 Responses to “Spread the Love NOW! Group Writing Project”

  1. Kris says:

    Kenton, it’s an honor to be a part of this project! Here is my story:



  2. Such a beautiful story to share, Kris =) Thank you.

  3. Deb Estep says:

    Dear Kenton,

    I can sincerely tell you that I have never been so excited to be
    involved in a project….. Spread The Love … NOW….

    YES !!!!!!

    Here is my contribution…


    xo xo

  4. Dr raza says:

    I’ll also participate in this project.
    Keep it up…

    Kaash, Ash & You

  5. Kris says:

    The pleasure is all mine.


  6. Hello Deb!

    Thank you for such a wonderful writing on compassion! I love how you pulled in so many different perspectives — including the story from your own life. We’re excited as well — this is generating some beautiful and thought-provoking meditations on the nature of compassion. Thank you for being a part of this, Deb!


  7. Hello Kaash, Ash, and You =)

    I’ll look forward to your participation!


  8. Jerry says:

    Compassion is best described as an understanding of the emotional state of another, according to Wikipedia.

    Okay, let’s start there. I understand that you are suffering for whatever reason and thus I feel compassion for you.

    Wikipedia goes on to say that compassion should not be confused with empathy. Compassion is often combined with a desire to alleviate or reduce the suffering of another; to show special kindness to those who suffer. Compassion may lead one to feel empathy with another person. Compassion is often characterized through actions, wherein a person acting with compassion will seek to aid those they feel compassionate for.

    Good. My compassion will combine with a desire to do something to alleviate or reduce another’s suffering through kindness and giving aid.

    Compassion to me, however, is not really compassion simply by feeling and by doing these things. I mean to say that one can understand, want to do something, empathize and even act to help lessen or stop the suffering of another; but if these thoughts and actions are done through a sense of obligation to one’s fellow man then this is not really compassion in my opinion.

    Compassion is much more than the Wikipedia definition. It is a place in one’s own heart where witnessing the suffering of any person, animal, any plant or tree and even our environment, causes one to feel and to act, not out of any sense of it being the right thing to do; but because our innermost fiber, our DNA, our heart and soul cries in unison with these suffering aspects of our world.

    True compassion is beyond a simple definition. It is so much more than a word which can be described as an adjective or even a verb – it transcends defining as a part of speech. It is having the same concern for that which is outside of yourself as you do for that which
    makes up what we call our self.

    I think I know what it is. Compassion is…. love. Now we have a better understanding of the word. Compassion is not compassion without love. But with love, true love in one’s heart, compassion is a way of life.

    Finally, I believe it is possible to have compassion without love…but it is not possible to have love without also having compassion.

  9. Jerry says:


    My article is also posted here:


    perhaps a better way to share with the other judges.

  10. Have compassion, yes. But temper it with reason….

    Each day I see those who are not well off. Those who need a helping hand. My heart goes out to many of them.
    Especially now, at Christmas, it normal to want to spread compassion and help those he need it and deserve it. Just last month, I assisted a yo…

  11. Kenton, you will find my article called Compassion, The Ultimate Act Of Love
    posted at
    Thanks for spreading the love.

  12. Hello Jerry! Thanks so much for sharing this with all of our readers!

    Shawn, I appreciate your contribution — very interesting perspective.

    And Patricia, thank you as always for sharing your wonderful energy with us all.



  13. Kenton,

    Have my post up at:


    I must say, I loved doing this. Cool initiative of you three.

  14. As always, Vitor, I’m amazed at your insight and heartfelt writing. Thanks for sharing this.


  15. This writing on compassion was submitted by John Torcello. As he doesn’t have a blog of his own, I’ll be posting the submission here.

    Can’t He See?…

    Can’t he see how so many people are already providing for his
    benefit? Can’t he see, in spite of himself, how he accepts and
    benefits from their offerings everyday of his life?

    How can he act so bitterly? What’s with this ‘look out for number one
    attitude’ he repeatedly and defensively professes? How is it he can
    distort the true nature of others’ compassionate acts to a proof, a
    tool, that has no value?….no seeming payoff for him?

    Could it be that he mistakenly envisions the world from only this
    narrow perspective of his own best interest? Can he see the world and
    his place in it clearly at all? How is it he can fool himself into
    thinking this apparent narrow, arrogant perspective is the broad and
    open view?

    Why does he feel the pain he feels?

    Could it be the internal conflict he’s suffering;…through his
    denial…his missing the point…his constructed ego’s issues of self-
    interest and self-definition…is simply colliding with the interests
    of the general good; of which he is an unwilling member and
    participant too?

    Why won’t he see?…that every seemingly negative experience he feels
    and obstacle he currently accepts as real only fills his life with
    more feelings of nervousness, anxiety, expectation, and fear?

    Why can’t he recognize this pain and suffering he is feeling is really
    of his own creation?…in his mind…in the obstacles he creates for
    others?…for himself?…because of his persistent actions motivated
    toward his on-going egotistical manners and beliefs?

    Why won’t he accept; just by changing his perspective in thought and
    action, from a focus on his ego to his truly unique existence in this
    time and place amongst the masses; that the supposed harm and
    suffering he claims to feel, experience and rebel against; would have
    no objective existence for him at all?

    Why does he let this self-constructed and self-imposed ‘Frankenstein’,
    this monster, he has so carefully crafted and constructed, and he so
    falsely identifies with and clings to for ‘dear life’, remain as the
    shallow definition he mistakenly understands and clings to?

    When will he finally conjure up the courage and faith to destroy this
    Frankenstein image of himself; recognizing it and letting it dissolve
    away within him?

    Why can’t he see the far greater and superior truthful value that’s
    already there, always has been, inside his heart; which would
    naturally lead him to expressions and actions for the benefit of
    others from a perspective of the greater whole, the greater good?

    Can’t he see that the resultant, actually non-existent, obstacles and
    negativities he presently envisions, feels and beats himself up with
    would hold no control or influence over him anymore?

    If he were to try…to commit…to practice…this new way of thinking
    and acting…

    Would the results of this true test…this discovery of the non-
    existence of his constructed obstacles and negativities…

    demonstrate to him finally, at last, he has nothing left to fight
    against, nothing to fear and no one to attack?

    Sadly…He is me…

    He is you…

    He is WE…He is all of us…

    I am he as you are he
    as you are me and
    we are all together…I’m crying.
    John Lennon

    Why can’t we see?

    John Torcello

  16. Rahul says:

    Dear Kenton,
    Here is my submission for the endeavour that the three of you have put along.
    Thanks for letting me be a part of it.


    Best regards,

  17. Dear Rahul,

    As a person who LOVES horses, I felt a great connection with this story. Thank you.


  18. LAwaters says:

    Hi Kenton,

    I am here by way of Albert’s site. What a wonderful writing project! And it has introduced me to your blog, and to Wade’s. My spouse and I have already benefitted so much from Albert’s writings, particularly on the ego.

    My entry, “The Last Thing I Wanted To Give” is posted at http://lawaters27.blogspot.com

    Many thanks!

  19. Hello Waters!

    Thanks so much for your contribution =) I’m so glad that you’ve benefited from Albert’s site — he has so much to offer, and I’m lucky to be his friend! It’s amazing when someone shares their journey in the way that he is sharing.

    I’m excited to read your entry!


  20. Rahul says:

    Dear Kenton,
    Thanks for putting up my contribution. I was pondering about a title for my submission, and thought that we needed a little bit of horse sense in our lives. So finally settled on “A Sense of Equinity”.


  21. I love it! I’ve changed it above, as well.

    Thanks, Rahul!

    Kenton =)

  22. Kenton:

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve participated in this project which you can see here:


    Like Wade, you also have a nice blog! Glad to learn of you through my buddy Albert Foong

  23. Janice says:

    Dear Kenton

    Thank you for the opportunity of being a part of your writing campaign

    Have my post up at:


  24. Greetings Stephen,

    Thank you! I read your interview with Albert with great interest.

    I certainly appreciate your contribution to this project.


  25. Thank you, Janice, for adding to the magic of this project! It’s certainly generated a lot of heartfelt contributions.


  26. Dreamcatchers Spreading Love…

    Wings of faith, angel hands holding the airy heart of Hope. Every time I read about blog projects meant to make us better, more aware of the wounds of the world, I feel that the human race still has a chance to a brighter future, a future dominated by …

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