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Discovering Your Natural Self

You are perfect. I discovered this when I was a teen, and I spent a summer living in the wilderness.  I thought only to learn the ways of the forests — what plants to eat, the lifeways of the animals, and how to live comfortably without the accouterments of civilization.  But in the deep swamps and woodlands, I found much more.

I discovered that each of us has a natural self — vibrantly alive, fully awake, and curious and enchanted with each moment.  Though I realize that I won’t be able to inspire everyone to venture out into the wilderness, I do seek to share my discoveries through my Metamorphosis Program, through the website I share with my wife, and through this site.

Call this Awakening, call it Zen, call it Non-Dualism — I’ll use these words on this site, but only because they’re familiar to us.  This site is really about discovering your natural self.  My aim is to use these writings to point you directly to your pure, perfect nature.

Here then is Wild Zen, unbridled by robes or chants.  Remember that your greatest teacher is not on the internet.  Your greatest teacher is not books, or retreats, or videos.  Your greatest teacher is YOU, for you are the purity of nature — this discovery is as close to you as a single breath.

Who is this Site For?

If you are new to these ideas, you’ll find pointers to help you start on your journey. For spiritual or non-dual teachers, you’ll discover many examples and descriptions which can add clarity to your offerings. And for those who are self-studying, you’ll discover many tools for communicating your understandings and becoming more aware of the pitfalls along the way.

If you’re simply trying to find Genuine Happiness in your life, and suspect that there is something more than just ‘making the best of things’, here you’ll find the most amazing way to bring peace, adventure, and compassion into your life.This is the key to truly vibrant living.

This site is divided into articles that approach ‘waking up’ to your natural self from different mindsets. Check below for a brief description of the sections, or visit Three Mountains for a deeper explanation.

Life Basics are articles that help us to examine the life we’re living. These articles will make sense even if  the Deeper Understanding articles don’t.  They’ll often point out the wonderfully ridiculous nature of our everyday lives.

Deeper Understanding articles deliver a direct approach to undoing your preconceptions about the world. By examining your usual ideas about life, they open you up to a Direct Perception of reality.

Zen Helpers are disseminators of dubious information, meant to deliver new viewpoints on common conceptions. Don’t take these too seriously!

Quick Thoughts are little observations about the world.

KidZen is a section especially for children or young adults. It’s also fun for those of us with more years under our belts.

Good starting places are the Three Mountains page, or How the World Really Works.

This site will be added to frequently. Make sure you subscribe, check back often, and most of all, enjoy!

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